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50 Things Every Black Woman Should Learn to Do With a Smile

June 8, 2020

There’s no shortage in society of people telling black women what they shouldn’t do. If the impact was beneficial, it might not be an issue. But we already know that majority of the people telling black women to not wear bright colors, not be in the sun too long, to put our education on the back-burner, are all people who want to limit black women and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. 

Black girls rock, and in order to keep that glow about us it helps to embrace a few behaviors. Some might appear contrary to what you’ve been told all your life, but as someone who’s done at least 40 of the things listed, trust me when I say it’s worth it. So, here are a list of behaviors that I think black women should embrace en masse more often.  

1. Embrace Change
2. Saying No
3. Flaunt the Deepening of Our Skin in the Summer
4. Rock Our Natural Hair
5. Create Spaces for Black Women
6. Compliment Another Black Girl on Her Natural Hair
7. Disassociate With Colorist People
8. Buy Black
9. Give Your Most Fervent Support to Those Who Support You
10. Support Black Women
11. Let Go of People Who Don’t Help You Grow
12. Wear Bright Clothing
13. Embrace Wash Days
14. Protect Spaces for Black Women
15. Call Out Anti-Blackness
16. Learn to Braid!
17. Read Black Authors
18. Assert Our Desires
19. Let Go of Situations That Take More Than Their worth
20. Embrace Exclusivity
21. Open Doors for Other Black Women
22. Trim Those Ends
23. Take Up Space
24. Take the Low Road Sometimes
25. Move in Silence
26. Uplift Our Likeness
27. Compete
28. Take the High Rode Most Times
29. Embrace Failure
30. Forgive Ourselves
31. Break Generational Curses
32. Consume Black Media
33. Connect With Others in the Diaspora
34. Travel Alone
35. Love Our Shrinkage
36. Wear Rich & Colorful Lipsticks
37. Take An Interest in Black History
38. Celebrate Another Black Woman Winning
39. Share Our Experiences
40. Create Opportunity
41. Uplift Our Image
42. Consume Media From Others in the Diaspora
43. Honor Your Ancestors
44. Take Pride in Our Appearance
45. Mentor Another Black Girl
46. Create Black Art
47. Make Mistakes
48. Love Yourself Unconditionally
49. Stay on Code
50. Pass the Crown

This list is not at all exhaustive however it’s a starting point. Some of these things may take a few years to experience or fully commit to and that’s ok. If the monotony of quarantine life is getting to you, now is just as good a time as ever to begin checking some of the things off this list.

Lilith is a blogger with an emphasis in writing and reflecting upon social agendas that effect black women. When not at her computer writing she is more than likely still at her computer, programming. On the rare occasion that Lilith isn't at her laptop you can attempt to find her exploring the Chicago food scene or attending workshops in creative writing  


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