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Simple Health Rules For Women In Their 30's

July 11, 2019

Thirty years is the time frame when most women take up all the responsibilities by themselves. We spend most of our time trying balancing between working and getting that paper, taking care of the children, supporting our own dreams along with that of our mate’s. Most believe that this is the stage to make everything right in our lives before hitting middle age. But through it all, little do we notice that our bodies are also changing rapidly during this time as well. And getting back that figure 8 at this age is not as easy as when we were in our twenties.






We lose muscle tone as our metabolism begins to slow down gradually. Furthermore, many of us focus more on ways to stay younger. We can start by following specific lifestyles that will help us deal with the stress in our lives, lower our risk from chronic diseases, and develop habits and activities that will keep us mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy and stable.


Adopt a Favorite Workout


First and foremost, regular exercise promotes good health. Mentally, it helps us deal with stress, giving you time to release any tension and to think with a clear mind. You should find the exercise that you enjoy the most and stick with it. The chances are high that this will be the exercise you will enjoy doing in the long term. Regular workouts lower the risk of chronic diseases. It also reduces the mortality rate at a younger age.


Perform a Breast Exam


Consequently, nothing feels better than knowing that your general health is in good condition. In families where one has a history with a close or distant relative who has breast cancer, a regular examination is advised for earlier treatment in case of any emergencies. This examination should be performed by your doctor during yearly visits. It could also be done at home. This is done by lying down and raising one of your arms above your head. Use the other hand to press around the breast, nipple, and under the armpit to feel for any lumps or swelling. Now switch arms and repeat the same with the other hand. Rashes may occur under certain conditions. If you are experiencing any pain, a doctor’s visit is advised.


Limit Your Time in Heels


There are some women who spend most of their work hours in high heels. Doing this daily can create a weak foundation. Wearing heels frequently can cause foot and knee problems. Relaxing our feet is the best reward we can offer to ourselves for carrying us for eight or more hours at work. Getting a foot massage and putting on flat shoes once in a while is healthy and a will reduce the chances of tendonitis, stress fracture, and other cosmetic problems.

Improving Your Posture


Good body posture, on the other hand, keeps the core strong. During your thirties, a woman's body tends to lose more than it is producing. Therefore, we should ensure that we take the recommended amount of calcium and sit up straight to strengthen the core.


Hydrate Daily


Hydration and good body posture are also important during this stage. Drinking water early in the morning and throughout the day helps to keep your body hydrated. This reduces unnecessary fatigue and prepares you for a new day.





Stick With Natural Foods


And lastly, there is always everyday news about healthy eating that refutes the ones that were announced the day before. It can be annoying to keep up with the constant changes! Just keep it simple: Eat natural, whole foods from the four groups. Avoid the processed ones that are full of sugars and added chemicals. That’s it!

Valerie lives in New York. As a health advocate, she shares tips and steps on maximizing nutrition, weight, and fitness goals to help others embrace a healthier lifestyle. She blogs at Halfmile Fitness
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