Make Up Artists that Slay Dark Skin in a City Near You

Finding a great makeup artist who can provide the glitz, glamour, and a natural blend true to your darker tone can be a challenge. It appears that makeup artist  work well with lighter shades of Black leaving the darker hues to fend for self.  Personally I have had the experience on more than one occasion of allowing artist to do my makeup whose skin tone was much lighter than my own (I only allow Black women to do my hair and makeup) only to end up with a pale, ghost look in my photos.

It seems as if they too are incapable of working with deeper tones of Black, particularly clients with undertones of red or multiple shades of brown. You know the women who are darker in the summer and become a shade or two lighter in the winter? It’s frustrating because they will know they can’t provide the desired service/look and attempt to do so anyway, as if our tone is one to experiment with; but the killer has to be when they ask to take a picture for their portfolio knowing they made you look like a powdered doughnut (lol). If your experience has been anything like mine, check out these free lance makeup artist in a popular city near you.


Los Angeles, CA


Website: makeupbynease.com

IG: nease_so_sassy

Book appts via email only: makeupbynease@yahoo.com

Raleigh, NC  


IG: Naturalbeautiesbyvee

Booking: https://linktr.ee/Naturalbeautiesbyvee



IG: Kay.mua_

Booking: artistrybykayps@gmail.com   

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