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A Lesson on Femininity: The Phallic God Mother Doesn’t Exist… We know

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A Lesson on Femininity: The Phallic God Mother Doesn’t Exist… We know

January 23, 2020

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I didn’t realize how entertaining and helpful podcasts can be until I actually gave them a chance. I thought all of them were just long episodes of people rambling that I would eventually get bored from and zone out of, but obviously not all podcasts are like that. Pod...

We’ve all heard of the classic white Hollywood beauties like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly but we never hear about the Black ones, which is odd considering there were plenty of them that never got the shine they deserved. It is without a doubt importa...

Black girls are scarcely represented in the media, and on the rare occasion that we are featured in film or television, it is to play the stereotypical role of the angry or sassy black girl. However, we deserve complex representation of what it feels like to be a black...

Chicago rapper, Noname, really hit it off with her latest album telefone. Fans were astonished by the album's dreamlike feel and touched the hearts of many black women. We've got to give it to our sister Noname for putting in years of hard work for her debut album. The...

 It's been about 12 years since Missy has graced us with her musical genius in front of the scenes but now she's back with a fresh original. 'I'm Better' dropped on January 26th and true Missy fans couldn't be more excited. The singer/songwriter/producer's new video fa...

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