Things Men Do When They Have Nothing to Offer You

Fake It 'til You MAKE It: What Jill Scott Taught Black Women During Her Verzuz Battle

How to Remain Feminine When You’re a High Achieving Woman

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Things Men Do When They Have Nothing to Offer You

May 21, 2020

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A day filled with urban legends, superstition and imagination. Tales filled with magic, wonder and all kinds of fantastical creatures.  While I enjoy the stories, I often wonder what inspired them and if there is any truth behind these tale...

When it comes to learning, everyone is different. Some enjoy it and others loathe it. You may love  biology but hate chemistry. It happens, one of the reasons for this comes down to how we learn. If the brain is properly engaged, you can be learning and not even realiz...

A series of things happened to me in the last week between my professional and personal life that has me thinking about how I perceive myself and how the world perceives me. While i deal with these thoughts often, sometimes it just takes an incident or comment to make...

With the recent Equifax hacking scandal my office has become a hotbed of meetings about protecting confidential information. How, What, When, Where and Why this information needs to be protected etc,etc,etc. 

I am not disagreeing that this is important, but the whole si...

Protection is the art of safeguarding someone or something. This is why bodyguards are hired and we install security systems in our cars and homes. But really the best we can do is be preventative. 

Personal protection 


1. Be aware and alert about your surrounding...

Over the last several weeks nature has been showing us who is boss. If you haven’t figured it out yet it’s not us. Between wild fires, hurricanes and earthquakes our lives have been disrupted directly and indirectly. In times of chaos our reactions are often based on w...

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