DDS Get Assistance is a growing database of giving people and organizations that are available to assist black women and girls during the holidays and times of difficulty and crisis. We understand how hard it can be for women and girls of color to receive aid and feel comfortable enough to seek help if needed. It is our hope that DDS can be the bridge of trust to safely get black women and girls into helping hands.

We are currently seeking a variety of people, experts and organizations that are available to assist black women and girls in the following areas: Attorney/Legal Aid, Bullying/Harassment, Child Abuse, Diabetes, Domestic Abuse, Drug Addiction, Food Addiction, Food Pantry/Assistance, General Counseling, Health Services, HIV/AIDS, Holiday Help/Donations, Marriage Counseling, Mental Health, Pregnancy Crisis, Rent/Utilities Assistance, Sexual Harassment, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Shelter/Housing, Suicide, Weight Loss and Youth Services.

If you are interested in adding your services to our database, please complete our Get Assistance Contact Application HERE.


Attorney/Legal Aid

The Johnson Firm, LLC.

401 Bayou Drive

Stubbs 217C

Monroe, Louisiana 71209

(318) 600-5840

Hours - M-F 9AM-5PM

Counseling (General & Marriage Counseling)
My Single Black Ladies
Hours - Appointment Only

Interview Coaching/Salary Negotiation

Soulwork and Six Figures


Hours - M-F 11AM-6PM CST

Job Search/Resume Writing Assistance


USA/Clarksville TN

Hours - M-F 10AM-6:30PM Appointment Only

Managerial Training/Executive Coaching

Corporate Training Solutions, Inc.


Hours - M-F 9AM-5PM

Shelter/Housing Assistance

Dasia Thomas

Charlotte, NC

Hours- Antyime

Youth Services

Atoms E.V.E Inc. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Hours - M-F 9AM-5PM

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