It's no secret that many dark skinned black women aren't taught to embrace their beauty and express their femininity like other groups of women. Society tells us that "traditional femininity" is reserved for the white women and mixed women we see abundantly in mainstream media portraying beautiful love interests and damsels in distress.

Not only does this anti-femininity programming leave many dark skinned women feeling undesired, it makes them hard, afraid to or unable to show their softer side as well.  But deep down inside, they too want to feel as beautiful and womanly as their white and light counterparts. They too want to exhibit the gracefulness that seems to come so effortlessly to many of them.

While this way of being is considered "weak" to many black women, other women continue to use this very behavior to their advantage and even to undermine us in our own spaces. It doesn't register to us that we are rejecting a set of characteristics that could ultimately benefit us in every facet of life.

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